A Hero

What type of person comes to your mind when you hear somebody talk about a “Real Hero”?” What are the qualities and who is one person you would consider to be a hero today.

When I think of a real hero I think of someone who has overcome very great odds to make life better for themselves or for someone else. Some qualities that a real hero should have are leadership and mental strength. An example of a real hero is Martin Luther King Jr. He stood up against the world to gain more rights for himself and others. He was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish his goal and make life better.

Shaker Community Poem

My teacher gave me an assignment where I had to choose a topic and write a poem about it. I chose Utopian Communities and focused my poem on the Shakers. My thesis was; What produces the spark to cause people to join a Shaker Utopian Community?


Gender equality

Through different religions and races

Shook their bodies

In over 200 years of existence

Banned private ownership of property

Followed four basic tenets


Lived communally

Worked hard to live

Ways of life enriched culture history

Always confessed their sins

From the outside world, they must live separately


During worship, sexes were separated

Started near New Lebanon

Had to remain unmarried

If followed the tenets they would achieve perfection

A unique culture, beliefs guaranteed

Lifestyle was extremely plain

From the Quakers they developed

Less than ten remain


The 3 R’s

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the three R’s. Recycling is often known as going green. Many people are going green to help our environment get stronger. My family is also going green. My family has two recycling bins and every week a truck comes by and takes the bottles from all over the street. My family also tries to reuse bottles as much as we can. Recycling is good for the environment and more and more people do it every day.

The Most Dangerous Question

I think the most dangerous question you can ask someone is- What are you doing with your life?

I believe this because some people don’t know what they are going to do and others are as smart so they wont be as successful so they might be embarrassed. Some people  even have to go back to school to graduate or get a better degree so they can survive.

If the Electoral College was abolished, and people directly elected the President, what should the qualification be to vote in a Presidential Election?

I think that there would have to be a few qualifications. First you should have to be at least 21 years old. That’s right around the age when you start considering people as adults. I also think that they should be an American citizen. Its our nation and we should decide who runs it. We should be able to control our own countries fate.

Lulu’s Journey on the Trail of Tears

This is a story about a Native American women named Lulu. Lulu is the mothe ron the horse.

We’re gone now, they pushed us out. Many of us are sick or hurt. It’s all a mess. Were sad and don’t know what to do. We were free and living in peace. Now it has all changed. We are prisoners now, prisoners of the white. It was our land, and they just took it away from us. It isn’t looking good, we are cold and very hungry. The journey is tough and long, but there’s much more to go. I just hope I can make it through alive. It’s been quiet with not much to say or talk about. I’m with my family; they’re here to comfort me. My husband is leading the way. The way to the west, to find more land, or to find the end, the end for us.

Boston Bruins

Woo! The Boston Bruins have just recently clinched the Eastern Conference of the NHL. This means that they cant be knocked out of first place in the East and they will get home ice advantage all throughout the playoffs. They had a ceremony after the game called the Shirts Off Their Backs ceremony. This is when a bunch of lucky fans get to go out on the ice and each one has an envelope. In the envelope is one name of a player on the Bruins. When the player hears their name called they skate over to the person who is holding their name card and they give the person the game shirt right off their back.

What inspires me?

What inspires me?

This question made me think for a little while. So I have a couple of answers. First and most important is my grandpa. He is the guy in the family that is always congradulating me and always wants to know whats going on. Hes the one person in the family that knows how to talk to me and how to make me laugh. He inspires me to work hard and be a good person.

Second is those stories when you here about an underdog team or player in sports who goes against great odds and wins. One example came in 1980 Winter Olympics and the Miracle On Ice. The US went against great odds and won. There are so many stories like that and they remind me that I can do anything.