What is Democracy?

Democracy, a word that is tossed around a lot in the daily life, but what does it really mean? There are many definitions for the word democracy, and here is mine.

Democracy– A democracy is a type of government where the supreme power is controlled by the people or by any elected representative. This all means that everybody should have a say in what happens to them. President Lincoln once said that democracy is a government ” of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

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Actions or Intentions: The Essential Question

Do you define a person by their actions or their intentions, why?

Personally I would define a person by their intentions. You may in tend to do something but do something totally different. Many people are judging other people by what they do when they should be judging them on what they intend to do. For example, we judged are former President George Bush on what he did with the war in Iraq when all he was trying to do was defeat terrorism. His intentions were good but the outcome was bad. He was really a good man trying to help are great nation. Intentions bring out an entirely different side of a person. This is why we should judge people on their intentions and not on their actions.



My team, the Boston Bruins, have just won the Stanley Cup and I was awarded the MVP of the Stanley Cup and the entire season. I finished the season with the most goals and the most points in the NHL. It was truely a great season for the team and myself. The city of Boston is going crazy and I am so excited. All of the work when I was a kid really paid off. I have now accomplished all of my life goals at the age of only 25. These goals include, play juniors for a year after college, go to Boston College and win the Frozen Four, make it to the NHL, play for the Boston Bruins, win the Stanley Cup, and win the MVP of the NHL.

The Seasons Over

Its that sad time of year again. When hockey season comes to an end. Its even worse this year because next year i am going to High School and i will play for the School team. I only have a few games left to wear my youth teams uniform. Atleast i left off on a good note. My team played really well this year with a record of 20-8-7(W-L-T). I played really good to. I have 37 goals and 30 assists with e few games left.

Its also nearing the end of the season for the NHL. My favorite team, the Boston Bruins, are in first place baby. The Bruins record is 41-12-8(W-L-OTL). They have 90 points(2 points for a win, 1 point for an overtime loss, and no points for a loss). They lead the East by 9 points and they lead the Northeast by 19 points and for the entire NHL they are in second being beat out by the San Jose Sharks with 91 points. Maybe this will be the year the Bruins win the Stanley Cup.

10 Things Before I Die

I was tagged by Sam to do the 10 things before I die post.

1) Play juniors somewhere after High School.( Juniors is a type of hockey league)

2) Go to a good hockey college. (ex. BC, UNH, Michigan State, UVM, or Northeastern- those are just a few)

3) Play in a National title game.

4) Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame.

5) Meet Zdeno Chara, he plays for the Boston Bruins in the NHL and he is my favorite player.

6) Try-out for an NHL team, hopefully I can make it and go to the NHL.

7) Go to Canada, people love hockey in Canada and hockey is my life.

8 ) Become famous, I would love the feeling of having my name said everywhere in everyday life- as long as their not insulting me.

9) Do something no one has ever done before.

10) Experience a miracle.

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Matt V.

Matt D.




Ugliest Uniforms Ever

The other day I was watching the Boston Bruins game and they were playing the Montreal Canadians. The Canadians were wearing an old time jersey and they were the ugliest jerseys ever. After seeing that i decided to count down the TOP TEN UGLIEST NHL Jerseys of All-Time.

1) Montreal Canadians 1912-1913

2)The Mighty Ducks

3)The L.A. Kings

4)Vancuver Canucks

5)New York Islanders

6)The Dallas Stars

7)Phoenix Coyotesphoenixuglyjersey.jpg

8 ) The Atlanta Thrashersthrashers_babyblue.jpg

9) Nashville Predators predators_third.jpg

10) Chicago Black Hawks

A Wonderful Place

A wonderful place for me is any hockey rink in the world. I enjoy going there because the thing I love to do happens there, hockey. People always think of hockey rinks as being really cold and no one wants to go there. Some hockey rinks are really cold but some of them are actually not so cold. But if its to warm the ice wont freeze and it is hard to skate. I would like to share this place with my friends because you cant play hockey alone and I love being with my friends.

Deep Thought

One deep thought i have been thinking about is what is the meaning of life. I mean we are all put on this earth and there must be a reason. I think about this question a lot and i think that it will never be answered. It could be that everyones put here for the same reason or maybe everyones put here for a different reason. I guess we will never figure it out.

All-Star Game

Just the other day the NHL All-Star game and skills competition were played in Montreal. The teams are devided up by their conference. Theres the Eastern and Western conference. Fortunatley, the eastern conference won the all- star game 12-11 in a shoot-out. Tim Thomas was the winning goalie in the game and Alexi Kovalev was the MVP with 2 goals, 1assist and a shootout goal and Kovalev won a car.

The skills competition was also very interesting. Some of the events in the competition are hardest shot, fastest skater, breakaway challenge, accuracy shooting, elimination shootout, and the youngstars game. The youngstars game is played between the rookies and the sophmores of the NHL.

The hardest shot was won by my favorite player ZDENO CHARA with a shot of 105.4 MPH which was also a new record. The fastest skater was won by Andrew Cogliano who skated around the rink in 14.31 seconds. The accuracy shooting was won by Evgeni Malkin. The elimination shoot out was won by Shane Doan. The breakaway chaallenge was won by Alexander Ovechkin and in the youngstars game the rookies defeated the sophmores with a score of 9-5. Blake Wheeler was the MVP of the game scoring 3 goals.

One Wish

If i could make one wish for my friends it would probably be that they all become successful in their futures. My friends are very important to me and they cheer me up when im in a bad mood or when i get a bad grade on a test or quiz so i only want the best for them in their lives.